10 DAB Candidates Win in Hong Kong

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Narayan Bhandari Hong Kong 20 December 2021

Leaders of the DAB party have won from all parts of Hong Kong in yesterday’s Assembly elections in Hong Kong.

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The Democratic Alliance for Betterment has announced that all 10 of its candidates have won. The Democratic Party has won, but only time will tell what new strategy they will be able to implement.

If the DAB party, which is working in the interest of the minorities, continues to work as stated in the election manifesto in the days to come, it will become even stronger in the coming parliamentary elections.

It is a great thing that all those who have faith in the party show their sincerity by voting, even though most of the new generation faces are party candidates.

See who won from which district from DAB party

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In any case, the party that Nepalis use the most has won and our votes have not been wasted

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