A middle age men Jumped from Hong Kong’s Ape Lei Chou Bridge

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Narayan Bhandari Hong Kong 17 December 2021

At around 8:40 a.m. this morning, a half-dead man jumped from a bridge and attempted suicide in a place called Ape Lei Chou in Hong Kong. Eyewitnesses reported to the police.

Hong Kong’s system was so good that a fireboat and a naval police boat arrived at the scene and immediately rescued the man. He was rescued unconscious and brought to the beach and sent to the hospital by ambulance.

A preliminary investigation by the man revealed that he had been stabbed in the left arm, police said in a report, adding that no one had attacked him. And the police are conducting further investigation into the incident.

Suicides are more likely to occur in Hong Kong, so if you have suicidal ideation or depression, please call the 24-hour multilingual hotline at The Samaritans Hong Kong: 28960000.

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